Twitter Goes Crazy Over Gay Nativity Scene

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

The old joke of Jesus Christ having two daddies until now was just a joke to be shared in private, but Cameron Esposito, the noted comedian, saw that depicted in the physical world. She saw her neighbors actually show that by using two Josephs in a nativity scene.

Twitter Goes Crazy Over Gay Nativity Scene[/tweetthis]

For many, Americans can do anything. At a time when the Thanksgiving leftovers are thrown out or already eaten and Christmas is getting closer, it is expected that there will be multiple nativity scenes. It so happens that one nativity scene has baby Jesus being looked after by two gay Josephs. Esposito is the host of Queery Podcast who happens to see her neighbors' garden nativity scene. A photograph was taken and posted on Twitter. She wrote in her tweet, “Our neighbors’ two Joseph nativity is up & I’m beaming.”

Esposito's tweet soon gained traction. Many users loved the concept and celebrated the unusual creation. To most, this unusual scene was at par with the course. If Jesus can be the Son of God and was given birth by a non-vaginal intercourse method, then this scene is alright. Whatever the scene, it gels perfectly with the togetherness and gaiety of Christmas.

Social media also had a debate on naming Joseph's husband. A few suggested Larry, and a few wanted to name him Marty. The presence of two Mary's also came into other social media timelines, with a number of lesbian families cheerfully supplanting traditional Joseph with a woman's figurine.

Religious conservatives were naturally aghast at such liberties taken with the nativity scene. A number of people, including Thomas J. Tobin, the Bishop of Providence, Rhode Island wanted every person to start praying to Jesus so that he forgives this sacrilege. He told the media that such depiction can be construed as an attack on the Christian faith itself.


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