Posadas Navidenas

The Posadas Navidenas

The Hispanic celebration of Posadas Navidenas The Posadas Navidenas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated in Latin America and by Hispanics in the

Twitter Goes Crazy Over Gay Nativity Scene

The old joke of Jesus Christ having two daddies until now was just a joke to be shared in private, but Cameron Esposito, the

Roy Moore molestation

Conservatives are Using the Bible to Defend Roy Moore

Zeigler compared Moore's political condition to one of Christ's Former chief justice of the Supreme Court, and a favorite of the U.S. religious right,

Spanish Nun Gets Death Threats for Saying Mary was Not Really A Virgin

A 51-year-old Spanish Dominican nun, Sister Lucia Caram has caused an uproar by suggesting Mary most likely conceived Jesus by having sex with her

Pope Francis Wants Catholics to Focus on Jesus This Christmas

The Holy Father reminds the faithful about Christ’s humble birth; advises Catholics to draw inspiration from Mary and Joseph. Pope Francis gave a call

Jesus refugee

Let’s Not Forget, Jesus Himself Was A Refugee

The debate on Syrian refugees is raging, but opposing Christians are asked to remember the words of the refugee Jesus Christ. Evangelicals view the