Cow Escapes Nativity Scene Twice in One Night

Cow Escapes Nativity Scene Twice in One Night

Cow Escapes Nativity Scene Twice in One Night
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“Stormy” causes an unusual night in Philadelphia

It was definitely not another night in Philadelphia. Twice in just a few hours, a cow was found wandering around the streets of Old City.

No, there is no local farm nor is the bovine an unusual pet. The cow, appropriately named Stormy, comes from a church. The Old First Reformed United Church of Christ has a live nativity scene. Yes, a nativity scene with farm animals. This has been going on since 1973. Reverend Michael Cain said this has never happened before. Worried about live animals outside in freezing cold? There is a farmer and veterinarian techs that oversee the animal’s welfare.

But it seems that they need to go home. Because the cow got away. Twice. It took the combined force of the Pennsylvania State Police, Philadelphia police, and animal control to get Stormy back to the church. She had made her way onto the streets on her second escape attempt and several laws highway had to be closed down.

Police have stated someone may have tampered with the enclosure, which caused Stormy’s escape. Reverend Caine has not said whether the live Nativity scene would be ended or if extra security would be placed for Stormy. It also can be clearly stated that “escaped cow” is not in any version of the Nativity scene that this reporter is aware of.


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