Children are Taught Christianity is Evil in North Korea

The Horrifying Techniques North Korea Uses to Say Christianity is Evil

Children are Taught Christianity is Evil in North Korea
By Nicor (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
In North Korea ropaganda is pushed into malleable minds from a young age

A North Korean Christian who lives outside the country claimed that the Juche regime, led by the Kim family, teach of Christianity being evil in schools. North Korean children are taught the Christian cross is the devil’s symbol.[/tweetit] The believer, who is afraid to reveal his true name, and known only by the pseudonym John Choi, spoke at length about life inside the hermit kingdom to a media house known for its pro-Christian leanings.

Children are Taught Christianity is Evil in North Korea[/tweetthis]

According to Choi, North Korean children are taught that missionaries should not be trusted. They are also taught Christianity is an evil American religion. This opinion is reinforced as fact by telling young impressionable minds several fairy tales. One of them is specifically horrific. It is a tale of a boy who lived with his mother in a Korean village. Every day he carried firewood from the mountain to his home. One day, a wind blew a few apples from an apple tree owned by a missionary. The missionary saw the boy pick up the apple and assumed he stole it. The boy was punished by pouring acid on the boy's forehead to burn-in the word “robber.” The boy then died due to this horrific torture.

The same technique was followed in case of adults as well. Instead of fairy tales, films are used to push hate towards Christianity. One 1966 film The Family of Choe Hak Sin, is particularly noticeable in this regard. The film screens the story of a Korean family who blindly trusts a few Christian pastors during the Korean War. The film ends with the daughters of that family being raped by the enemy soldiers and pastors.

Choi makes a number of other claims. He said children in North Korea must learn about the present leader, Kim Jong-U and bow to him as well. Some of the many propaganda disseminated by Pyongyang goes far beyond credibility. As per officially sanctioned lore, Kim Il-Sung had majestic powers to “catch a double rainbow with only one hand.” School teachers teach children to hate “American imperialists.” South Koreans are portrayed as puppets.

Choi hopes that with the advancement of technology, children will find ways to find the truth about the country they live in. Many have already got a hint about the many lies the regime has told them.


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