Sermon Delivered about Jesus’ Return by “Flying Preacher”

Preacher Literally Flies into Church to Deliver a Sermon About Jesus’ Return

Sermon Delivered about Jesus’ Return by 'Flying Preacher'
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Video of pastor’s trick goes viral on Facebook, receiving millions of views

Pastor Bartholomew Orr found a new and innovative way to connect with believers of the faith online. The pastor became famous on the internet after a video captured his dramatic entrance to the church. With the help of wires fastened to the ceiling of the church, Orr flew towards the stage, while delivering his sermon.

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At first, when the church members got to witness this act from the pastor, he was greeted by laughs. After the video of the Brown Missionary Baptist Church pastor was posted on Facebook it got millions of views.

Bartholomew Orr’s technique got the attention of his congregation. This gimmick aimed to show the church members how it would be if Jesus Christ were to come back to this planet.

Pastor Orr said the Southaven, Mississippi church set up the cables as they wanted to use it for their Christmas production. The pastor tried out the wires while there was no one in the church.

The pastor recorded a video of him flying through the empty church, to get a feel of how it would look. Once his congregation got to take a look at the video, several members asked if he could do the same during the Sunday sermon.

Bartholomew Orr believed that performing this stunt in front of the congregation was ideal, as it fit the passage he was preaching to the audience. In the passage, it asks believers of the faith to remain patient, as the Lord is going to come back.

Bartholomew believes Jesus returning to this world is going to surprise everyone. Due to this reason, he wanted to depict the same, by flying in front of the congregation. As a result, he used stage mechanisms to give the audience the taste of how Jesus performs miracles.

Even though it was quite uncomfortable to wear the harness and preach to the church members, the pastor never found the experience to be nerve-wracking. He didn’t remove the harness after his entrance, as he had to fly out of the stage, at the end of the two-hour sermon.

The pastor stated that he would continue to use these types of objects to deliver if sermons if it is the will of God. He added that this gimmick was successful, as it spread the word that Jesus is going to return.


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