The eclipse will be seen on January 20-21, 2019.

Paul Begley, an American pastor with over 290,000 subscribers on YouTube, has revealed his concerns about cataclysmic events which he says will happen in January 2019. For those who follow Begley, such announcements are nothing new. He has previously cited standard astronomical events as something which will happen prior to the end of the world.

Pastor Begley, as per his standard behavior, has now expressed anxiety about the coming Super Blood Moon and in the ways it is linked to American President Donald Trump. As per the pastor, since the coming Super Blood Moon can be seen in American skies on the second year of Trump being president, this makes it a kind of prophetic sign. It is to be mentioned that Trump took oath as United States President on January 20, 2017. The Blood Moon is anticipated to occur over American skies on January 20 and January 21, 2019.

A Blood Moon is a real event and contrary to Begley's religious warnings, can be easily explained. It is simply a spectacle of nature where a standard eclipse becomes extraordinary by scattered sunlight falling on the lunar orb. In science, this is known as Rayleigh Scattering.

Like most of his kind, Begley is quick to quote Biblical references to buttress up his bizarre claims. The Indiana-based pastor points out the Book of Joel 2:31. The passage states the sun will be dark before the end and the moon will become blood on the day when God will come to earth. He also mentions Revelation 6:12, where there are mentions of earthquakes and the color of the moon being that of blood.

Pastor Begley claims many have anxiously written to him, asking whether it is true that the coming Super Blood Moon really signifies the approaching doomsday. He, in turn, has consoled them saying that doomsday is only for those who are not saved. There is nothing to lose for individuals who have devoted themselves to God. When asked about the specific time the world will end, the pastor admitted he could not say for certain. He evaded further prodding questions by saying that the signs of the apocalypse, as per the scriptures, are all there, but it is impossible to predict when the world will end. He added that since January 20 and January 21 are the days of Blood Moon, it does not mean the world will be thrown into chaos on January 22.


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