Oklahoma Passes Bill Forces Schools to Display “In God We Trust”

Oklahoma Passes Bill to Force Schools to Display “In God We Trust”

Oklahoma Passes Bill Forces Schools to Display “In God We Trust”

Teachers who don’t follow the rule could be punished.

Schools in Oklahoma City will be required to display “In God We Trust” in classrooms. A Senate panel passed the bill that is dependant on the availability of funds.

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The bill which was tabled by Senator Wayne Shaw passed by getting six out of ten votes. This means that the bill is ready to be considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill faced tough competition from Senator Kay Floyd who argued that the bill would put teachers in uncomfortable and difficult situations regarding religion. The senator told the Senate those type of scenarios is better handled by the parents as teachers engaging in such would be in violation of the law. Shaw, on the other hand, argued that the Bill would cause no such incidents.

Other senators against the bill supported leaving the decoration of classrooms to local school boards and teachers. The bill states that when funds are available, a picture of the national motto, the United States of America flag and the Oklahoma flag should be placed around the school. This measure will make use of images which have been donated or bought through contributions. The effective date of implementation is November 1.

A similar measure that requires the Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence was also passed pending funding. This also has an effective date of November 1.

Additionally the Senate panel passed a measure that would require the national motto to be displayed in the Capitol visitor’s center. The building is currently undergoing renovations and repairs. This measure passed with all ten votes.

Senator Joseph Silk’s bill which would make daylight saving time the year-round standard for the state and its political subdivisions was also passed. It was a close vote as it won with five against four.


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