New Startling Study Reveals Schism On Americans View Sin

New Startling Study Reveals Schism on How Americans View Sin

New Startling Study Reveals Schism On Americans View Sin

Differences In What Is A Sin And Existence Of Sin

The results of LifeWay Research are telling: about 67 percent of Americans confess to be sinners. However it is found that nobody wants to sin for sin’s sake. Only a minuscule five percent have no wish to rectify their character. A majority of the respondents said they try to be less of a sinner (34 percent). About 28 percent depend on Jesus to overcome sin. The survey was conducted from September 27 to October 1, 2016.

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When the survey is boiled down, a greater number of women (33 percent) compared to men (22 percent), responded they are dependent on Jesus to overcome sin. The Jesus dependency is marked on Protestants (49 percent). Catholics come much lower in the ladder at 19 percent. Among evangelicals, the dependence is much more at 72 percent. About 51 percent of those who attend religious services a minimum of one time a month admit to depend on Jesus. This can be compared to the 15 percent who goes infrequently to the church.

The LifeWay study concerning theology discovered that a number of Americans believe sin is a common occurrence. The study showed that 65 percent of respondents agreed every human being commits sin, but a majority of humans have a good nature. Approximately 57 percent said it will be fair if God shows wrath against sin. Only a small minority of Americans think committing an act of sin places them in spiritual danger. About 74 percent of the respondents disagreed with the concept that eternal damnation should be the way to go for people who commit small sins. This figure includes 62 percent of the respondents who also strongly disagreed. The survey reveals that only a few Americans depend on Jesus to overcome their sins.

There is a schism among Americans on whether it is possible to earn way to heaven if they do good deeds. About 52 percent agreed to the concept. Approximately 35 percent did not think so and 13 percent were undecided. Many Americans believed that the individual should contribute to own personal salvation. About 76 percent agreed with this observation and 16 percent disagreed. About eight percent was undecided.

About 49 percent of Americans responded that sex outside of traditional marriage can be considered a sin. An equal number regarded abortion as a sin. Approximately 42 percent said that the condemnation of homosexual behavior as mentioned in the Bible cannot be applied in the present time.


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