New Film “Miracles” Explores Extraordinary Events That Have Awed People for Years

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The 35-minute film Miracles will help Christians distinguish between genuine and fake miracles.

Saint Anthony Communications recently released a film on DVD titled Miracles. It is the first of a 4-part series on Special Divine Action. It covers the miracles that are mentioned in the Old Testament, those happened during the life of Jesus Christ and the lives of the apostles and saints. The latter part of the film deals with the modern miracles as well, such as the bleeding host in Lanciano, Italy. The Marian apparitions and also those miracles yet to be approved by Vatican.

New Film “Miracles” Explores Extraordinary Events That Have Awed People for Years[/tweetthis]

The film is hosted by Father Marcus Holden and Father Andrew Pinsent. They explain the miracles from a scientific, theological and philosophical point of view. This helps the viewers to get a thorough understanding of the subject.

The managing director of Saint Anthony Communications, Christian Holden, in an interview given to the Catholic News Agency, said that the film explains what miracles are, how to distinguish between real and fake ones and also their purpose. They made the film to remind the Christians that miracles hold a vital place in their faith. In fact, it is central to their faith. The basis of Christianity is the biggest of all the miracles, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without that, as a religion, Christianity ceases to exist.

Miracles begins by the hosts providing the true definition of a miracle. It then moves on to tackling people's objections by providing them with explanations based on science, theology, and philosophy. According to Holden, this approach is effective in making the people realize the importance of being cautious with miracles, and to remind them that miracles are not entertainment. The end purpose of a miracle is to lead people towards salvation and to lead people closer to God.

The film is suitable for all people, says Holden. It can be used by churches for evangelization and catechesis. It can be shared with friends and family. It can challenge non-believers and those who have doubts, and may act as a spark in reigniting their faith. It can further strengthen the faith of believers.

According to Holden, making the film has been a challenge. They had to find the right high-resolution imagery, set aside more time for this project and so on. They started the project in 2014.

For thousands of years, miracles have captivated the attention of people, both that of the believers and that of the skeptics. That same intrigue is what paved the way for the making of the film Miracles.


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