Mom Uses Taser To Get Son To Church

Mom Uses Taser To Get Son To Church

Mom Uses Taser To Get Son To Church
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Police Investigating Dicey Parenting Technique

Sharron Dobbins is being investigated by Phoenix, Arizona police for child abuse. According to reports, Dobbins decided to get her son up for church in an unusual and violent fashion.

Mom Uses Taser To Get Son To Church[/tweetthis]

Her technique was to use a taser on her son. There are conflicting reports on how she handled the taser. Dobbins has said she did not shock her son but just used the noise to scare him awake. There are two puncture wounds on her son, indicating that she shocked him.

Dobbins has two sons who are both on probation. She has talked about trying to get her kids to follow the Ten Commandments.

She has been ordered by the court to not speak to her sons, and they have to move somewhere else while the case is being investigated. The sons refuse to testify against the mother, but she can still be charged.


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