Michigan Church Apologizes After Telling Breastfeeding Mom After to Cover Up

Michigan Church Apologizes After Telling Breastfeeding Mom to Cover Up

Michigan Church Apologizes After Telling Breastfeeding Mom After to Cover Up

Naz Church wants to prevent making men “lust and stumble”

The Naz Church, located in Brighton, Michigan, apologized to 29-year-old mental health therapist Amy Marchant, after shaming her for breastfeeding.[/tweetit] According to Amy, the church told her men become victims of lust after seeing bare breasts.

Michigan Church Apologizes After Telling Breastfeeding Mom to Cover Up[/tweetthis]

The church’s leader decided to send this message to Amy on Father’s Day, through Facebook. According to the allegations, the church asked her to be considerate when breastfeeding, as the officials had seen her nurse her child, while her twins finished Sunday School. Amy was shocked by the turn of events, as she didn’t expect her local church members to behave in this manner.

On the report of Amy to Yahoo Lifestyle, she was asked to use either of the two private rooms when breastfeeding or cover herself. She even went live on Facebook to show how people try to silence women. She wanted to speak up for all the women, to ensure this situation never takes place again.

Ben Walls, the lead pastor for the church, met Amy to talk about what took place. However, the meeting wasn’t eventful, as the pastor kept insisting what she did in the church would have repercussions, especially on the behavior of men.

Church responds to their comments

As stated by the lead pastor, the church has three places designed to give privacy to ladies. He said the church doesn’t have any problems with women breastfeeding their children. Also, they apologized for the way they responded to this situation, as it caused hurt and embarrassment to Marchant.

He added that the reason for the problem was due to the exposure of Marchant’s breasts, which was inappropriate for men and boys. He also stated that they were dealing with individuals who felt uncomfortable with the situation.

Livingston County Birth Circle founder Jenn D’Jamoos sided with Amy. She was unhappy that Marchant had to educate the members of the staff about the Breastfeeding Anti-Discrimination Act, signed by Governor Rick Snyder, in 2014.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is recommended to breastfeed babies for six months. Livingston County Health Department’s personal preventive health services director, Elaine Brown, said breastfeeding is good for babies as it improves their immunity. At the same time, it is beneficial to mothers, as it safeguards them against postpartum depression and ovarian and breast cancers.


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