Meet the 9-Year-Old Genius Trying to Prove God Exists

Meet the 9-Year-Old Genius Trying to Prove God Exists

Meet the 9-Year-Old Genius Trying to Prove God Exists

9-year-old college student challenges theories of Einstein and Hawking

According to William Maillis, only an external force could have created our universe, and that external force has to be God. One of the life goals of this 9-year-old “little genius” from Penn Township, Pennsylvania, is to prove that God exists.

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William Maillis is the youngest child of Peter Maillis, an Orthodox priest, and Nancy Maillis. When he was just 6-months-old, he started identifying numbers. At 7 months, he started talking in complete sentences. By the time he turned 2-years-old, he could read, write, and do addition and multiplication. Young Maillis mastered algebra, geometry, and trigonometry by the time he was 7-years-old. By then he could read Greek, and understand and communicate in sign language as well. After finishing 3rd grade last year, he attended both the 4th grade and the high school simultaneously. He also took some college classes as well. At present, he is attending the Community College of Allegheny County. Next year, his parents are planning to enroll him at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

His parents say they recognized their son’s gift of academic proficiency from the moment he started identifying numbers when he was just a 6-month-old baby. His father believes his son appreciates this gift from God and “the worst thing would be to reject that gift and not use it for the betterment of the world.”

When asked whether he is intimidated by the college environment, William says it does not bother him, he is “used to it by now.” His ambition is to become an astrophysicist. He has already challenged Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s theory regarding black holes, he believes black holes are not “super massive.” It is his belief that the universe is created by an outer force. It is his intention to prove God exists and that he created the cosmos. He already has a new concept he calls “pure gravity,” which he believes would help him to fulfill his quest in the future.

When William was 4-years-old, he failed an entrance readiness test because he could not identify the color gray. His explanation was that “gray is a shade and not a color.” Only after a college psychologist pronounced him as a “genius” after conducting a number of IQ tests did the elementary school offer him admission.


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