Liberty University's CIO Paid $50,000 to Rigg Polls in Trump’s Favor

Liberty University’s CIO Was Paid $50,000 to Rig Polls in Trump’s Favor

Liberty University's CIO Paid $50,000 to Rigg Polls in Trump’s Favor

Trump’s former lawyer sentenced to three years

A report by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stated Michael Cohen, erstwhile personal attorney and fixer to the United States President Donald J. Trump, paid John Gauger, an Information Technology (IT) expert, to illegally manipulate online polls to favor Trump. Gauger owns Red Finch Solutions and holds the Chief Information Officer (CIO) position at Liberty University.

Liberty University’s CIO Was Paid $50,000 to Rig Polls in Trump’s Favor[/tweetthis]

Cohen at present is incarcerated for three years on crimes of campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. Gauger himself alerted the media to poll rigging, clearly angry at being shortchanged when it came to his demanded fee.

According to Gauger, Cohen approached him and offered $50,000 as remuneration to doctor the polls conducted by two prominent news websites. The said amount, however, was not paid in full and Cohen only gave him a Walmart bag containing approximately $12,000 in cash during the two's 2015 meeting at the Trump organization office. The latter also gave a boxing glove which he claimed was once worn by a moderately famed mixed-martial arts fighter from Brazil. When questioned, Cohen did not deny the WSJ report. He stated on social media that all he did was for Trump’s benefit. Curiously, he now bemoans the fact he did so much for Trump and said the now president does not deserve such loyalty.

Gauger was not paid in full as his delivered work cannot be called a spectacular success by any means. He was authorized by Cohen to fix CNBC polls and the Drudge Report. The former was a washout, and the president was not even in the top 100 at that time. There was a success with the Drudge Report though. Trump was able to snare the fifth place in a certain poll concerning probable GOP candidates. Cohen also ordered Gauger to initiate and run a social media account promoting himself and brand him as a kind of “sex symbol.” The Twitter account @WomenForCohen which wasn’t much of success either.

Liberty University, in its statement, was all praises for Gauger, describing the IT expert as one of the outstanding employees of the university. The university also said it has no problem with him getting independent contracts. Charles E. James Jr., a lawyer, working for Gauger, told WSJ federal investigators had combed through his six-year interactions with Cohen, starting from 2012.

Liberty University is a private Christian university in Lynchburg, Virginia.