Kansas Residents Rally in Support of Muslims

Kansas Residents Rally in Support of Muslims

Kansas Residents Rally in Support of Muslims
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Residents of Garden City, KS show support and protection of local Muslim community.

Three members of an American white-terrorist group, ‘the Crusaders' were recently arrested after their plans to carry out a massacre of Somalian immigrants in Kansas came to light. The very existence of such a terrorist organization, whose aim is to eliminate Muslims completely, is indicative of what levels of blind hatred of Muslims exists in America. Almost all the perpetrators of Islamophobic crimes, including the members of the Crusaders profess support to Republican Donald Trump, whose rhetoric against Muslims has been taken as the source of inspiration by the criminals.

Kansas Residents Rally in Support of Muslims[/tweetthis]

However, if this arrest led people to believe that citizens of Kansas are Islamophobic, then they are in for a delightful surprise. Local American groups have come forward to protect the Somalian immigrant community from Islamophobes.

In a very touching move, residents of Garden City, Kansas rallied to support Muslim immigrants, assuring them of their support and protection. This massive show of support was spearheaded by the pastor of a local Presbyterian Church, Denise Pass. Pass says, "The actions of few racist individuals should not be taken to represent the whole community, just as the Muslim community should not negatively labelled or held responsible for the actions of the very few terrorists who happened to be Muslims.”

The move by the residents of this small city sends a bold message to white Christian Americans who misunderstand Muslims and refuse to see things in any way apart from that all Muslims are terrorists. Garden City’s show of support for the immigrants is a powerful example of core-Christian values should speak to politicians and religious leaders who insist on labeling all Muslims as threats to the nation for personal and political gains.

President of the Somalian community center, Mursal Naleye, thanked the American community in Garden City and the law-enforcement for their protection and support. Naleye says his people came to America from a war-torn Somalia seeking a peaceful life, "We just want to have a normal life and don't want to bother anyone." 


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