Joel Osteen talks God and new Book with Stephen Colbert

Joel Osteen talks God and new Book with Stephen Colbert

Joel Osteen talks God and new Book with Stephen Colbert
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Joel Osteen and Stephen Colbert talk about theology.

The founder of the biggest church in the United States (Lakewood Church) Joel Osteen was recently interviewed by Stephen Colbert where he answered several questions regarding his way of preaching and newly released book. The small part of the interview touched on his new book, The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today, but the rest took a different direction. The interviewer seemed to be focused on the theological aspect of Osteen’s preaching.

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The Power of I Am
The Power of I Am -Oct. 6, 2015[/caption]Some of the key areas that the interview covered include self-help, denominations, prosperity in the gospel, televangelism and many more. The interview was expected to be a big catch since Colbert is himself a religious figure who has been in practice for quite a long time. All questions that came from Colbert clearly communicated how conversant he was about the Bible.

One of the questions that Joel Osteen was asked was whether or not he dwells upon prosperity preaching. “I don’t believe in any of that,” Joel replied. He clearly said that his preaching is solely based on the scripture. All that he does has nothing to do with his personal prosperity but the scripture alone. He further clarified that any additional materials that he covers in his sermons are all tied to the bible.

“Do you ask people to send money to your church?” Colbert asked. Joel Osteen was so fast in denying the allegations that he asks people to send money to his church. “No we don’t, Never!” Osteen boldly clarified. He stated categorically that his church is not after the wealth of any church follower and they have never been involved in cases of asking money from followers.

For the last couple of months, Osteen has been getting serious criticism from members of society, politicians included. A considerably large number of people believe that Osteen does not dwell on Orthodox preaching but self-help gospel. They believe that the renowned pastor is material-oriented and not after guiding followers to seek the kingdom of heaven.

Osteen admitted that his way of preaching is different but always focused on teaching people Godly ways. He made it so clear that his church is only obligated to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Colbert made a funny tease on Osteen comparing him to his favorite religion figure Pope Francis. The book launched by Osteen is expected to make huge sales across the globe since the content it bears is very inspirational and transforming.


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