ISIS Posters Depict Attacks on London and New York

ISIS Posters Depict Attacks on London and New York

ISIS Posters Depict Attacks on London and New York

One poster shows U.S President Donald Trump, Pope Francis and Buddha on fire

Islamists with allegiance to the terrorist organization ISIS have released three new posters encouraging British and American Muslims to conduct lone wolf attacks on the British capital city of London and New York[/tweetit]. One poster stands out: a suicide bomber stands with the burning Big Ben in the background. It carries the caption of “London attacks coming soon.” The picture of a burning Big Ben brings to the mind images of April’s Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris. The ISIS-affiliated groups at that time swiftly termed the disaster a symbol of “retribution and punishment.” They also warned western nations to “wait for the next.”

ISIS Posters Depict Attacks on London and New York[/tweetthis]

Another poster shows a terrorist wearing a mask and wielding a knife with a vista of New York at the bottom half. A rallying cry was printed at the same place like the London one, but with its content changed to “fight them in your country.” The urging in both the posters target the same demographic: susceptible American Muslims. Both the posters use a common tagline: “Just Terror.”

The poster targeting London carries a quotation cut from the At-Tawbah 5 or "sword verse" of the Qur’an. It informs the reader that a zealous Muslim should slaughter polytheists wherever the follower of Islam finds them and capture them through a siege. The verse then asks the Muslim to ambush non-believers wherever the latter is. The ISIS ideologue who copy-pasted this verse seemingly forgot to print the next few lines where devout Muslims must protect people from other religions if the latter asks for it, and if possible, take them to their safety. Allah, according to the Qur’an, will treat non-believers with love and is all-knowing and all-encompassing.

These propaganda posters were the brainchild of the Ash Shaff Media Foundation, an outlet known to be sympathetic to ISIS ideology. It was posted to social media by the terrorism watchdog Terror Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC). The Sri Lanka attack killed 200 people. ISIS-affiliated groups have also released a propaganda poster which celebrates the Easter Sunday Sri Lanka terrorist attacks. The attack, carried out by ISIS-affiliated extremists, pledged to make all enemies of Islam bleed full "rivers of unclean blood." The third poster displayed the eight jihadis above the Buddha, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Pope Francis- and all three are set alight.


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