American Pastors Argue if Trump Impeachment Spark Civil War

Would Impeaching Trump Start a Civil War?

American Pastors Argue if Trump Impeachment Spark Civil War
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A move by several House Democrats to sign a bill advocating for the impeachment of President Trump has sparked multiple reactions across the US, many of them predicting violence. In August, left-wing Trump supporter Roger Stone stated he foresaw civil war “if they even tried impeaching Trump.”

Would Impeaching Trump Start a Civil War?[/tweetthis]

More recently, televangelist Jim Bakker of the Jim Bakker Show has joined the table, stating Christians in America may start the second civil war if President Trump is removed from power. However, not everyone shares their viewpoint.

According to Bakker, a Trump impeachment would make Christians “step out of the shadows.” He attributed this to his belief the Christian voice in society is weakening, and this would provide them with a chance to advocate for their faith.

He even cited the Biblical teaching that faith must be accompanied by works to augment his argument. The former PTL Club presenter made this stance while being interviewed on partisan program Right Wing Watch in August.

American Pastors Network President Sam Rohrer disagreed with Bakker’s idea that Christians would take up arms should Trump lose his seat. “We condemn rebellion,” Rohrer told Stand in The Gap Today in his interview. Speaking through a spokesman, he also clarified there was ‘no way’ Christians would even think of starting a war.

Citing the Bible, Rohrer pointed out Christians only went to war when God wanted them to, such as when they were defending themselves. Or when they couldn’t stand aside and watch the conflict grow. According to Rohrer, Christians within the US would only start fighting amongst themselves if they received eternal pressure.

As tensions surrounding the possible Trump impeachment rise, Rohrer called upon Christians to pray for all American political leaders. Only time will tell how the controversial Christian views will play out in the long run.


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