Goldie Hawn Says Prayer Works – How She Turned to God When Her Son was Born

By Erik Charlton (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Erik Charlton (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
“I don’t think there’s any question that prayer can work” -Goldie Hawn

Little is it known that actor Oliver Hudson was very close to leaving the earth soon after he was born. What brought him back from the brink of death were the prayers of his mother, 71-year-old actress Goldie Hawn, then a non-believer, beseeched the powers of the universe to heal her son.[/tweetit] Although she does not call herself religious, she insists she truly and firmly believes in God and that he is everywhere.

Goldie Hawn Says Prayer Works – How She Turned to God When Her Son was Born[/tweetthis]

Hawn confidently asserted in an interview with People Magazine there is no doubt about the power of prayer. She still recalls the day vividly, when her son had developed certain complications just a day after his birth. She herself was suffering from toxemia and was greatly distressed by the impending danger to her son’s life. Desperate and not knowing what to do, she took recourse to God, laid her hands on her son and prayed to God asking him to work through her and heal him. When she saw Oliver’s heartbeat picking up, as were the other levels and rates indicating good health, there were no more doubts in her mind about the existence and power of God.

This is not the first that Hawn has opened up to the public about her faith, however. In an earlier interview, she described that God feels like a “bubble of laughter” that precedes a long, joyful laugh – except that there is no laugh, only bliss.

She did not say if she was practicing any religion, however. She did admit she loved the fact that she was raised in a Jewish household, but maintained that she was more ‘spiritual’ and less ‘religious.’ Perhaps what she means to say is she is not part of any religious organization or a follower of any religious rituals, but is a part of that larger culture of modern believers who call themselves ‘spiritual,’ believers who seek a more personal experience of God rather than approach divinity through rules and rituals.

Goldie Hawn is coming back on the screen after a gap of about fifteen years. Her movie Snatched was released May 12.

Hawn hopes the Hawn Foundation, a foundation that she created to help children in overcoming tragedy, produces some good leaders in the future.


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