Graham: Trump Defending Faith

Franklin Graham Says Trump is Doing a Good Job Defending Faith

Graham: Trump Defending Faith
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The evangelist mentioned a hostile media against the President

Evangelist Franklin Graham said that although U.S. President Donald J. Trump may not be the best Christian right now, the president of the country is trying to the maximum when it comes to “defending Christianity.”[/tweetit] Graham holds traction in the evangelist community as he is the CEO and president of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, an influential organization within the conservative Christian universe. The comments were made during an interview on Fox & Friends.

Franklin Graham Says Trump is Doing a Good Job Defending Faith[/tweetthis]

Graham admitted that although President Trump could not be said to be the best example among Christians, he interjected at this point to remind the interviewer he himself cannot be considered a proper Christian either. The evangelist then said not only does Trump continue to defend the faith, he is also standing firm on this specific issue. The Christian evangelist continued, saying the president has the capability to tolerate what he terms a non-stop assault of hostile media coverage for a maximum period of eight years. Graham was referring to the time length that Trump will hold office if he is elected to a second term in the White House.

The evangelist may have a point there. The media has earlier taken umbrage that the Trump Administration and President Donald J. Trump himself has provided unearned exclusive access to the Christian Broadcasting Network. The news outlet enjoyed the advantage of multiple interviews with President Trump while the White House shut off other news outlets. CBN has also been provided access to others in the Trump cabinet and in the president's circle. One particular news source, which was left out by the Trump administration, even wrote a piece on it. The principal focus of the report was the February 1 National Prayer Breakfast. The president labeled his speech a real vision concerning “Religious Nationalism.”

Graham said President Trump was tremendous and that the president said the U.S. is a nation composed of believers and a country strengthened by the power of prayer. Trump also reminded his largely evangelical audience that faith is important to the American life. The evangelist reminded everyone that it is a matter of great joy that Trump has taken a stand on the faith issue.

Trump said during the prayer breakfast that religious freedom cannot be trifled with. He reassured the audience that the present administration will do anything and everything so that the right can be protected.


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