1st Grade Public School Teacher Forces Students to Recite Bible

First Grade Public School Teacher Forces Students to Recite Bible

1st Grade Public School Teacher Forces Students to Recite Bible

Teacher brags about her students reciting bible verse in Facebook post.

Parents of children studying at Smithville’s Brown Primary School have filed a complaint after a teacher, Susan Schobel, posted a video which showed her students conscientiously reciting a cherry-picked Bible verse.[/tweetit] The first-grade students recited in unison a paraphrase taken from Romans 12:9-10.

1st Grade Public School Teacher Forces Students to Recite Bible[/tweetthis]

Schobel posted on her Facebook account the video with the headline exhorting viewers to begin the day with an excellent Bible verse. According to her, doing this will make life much better. The video was later removed. However, by that time, many have saved the video or downloaded it. When parents learned about this Bible class, which parents did not give their permission for, they were naturally livid. A majority expressed objection to Bible teaching inside schools.

One parent, Ashley Nicole, wrote to Smithville Independent School district, expressing her shock and she mentioned her concern to the local media, about how the matter is being managed. Charlie Lucko, another parent, also wrote to his district, stating he views this manner as “religious indoctrination” and a practice which goes against the U.S. Constitution. He also said since the name of the class was “daily Bible verse,” it leads him to suspect that such events were continuing for a long time. He also said it is doubtful that no other faculty member was aware of this transgression.

Cheryl Burns, the Smithville School Superintendent, did not answer questions by the media as to how her office intervened in the matter. The head of the school district assured those who are interested the issue has been solved. Schobel has since then deleted her Facebook post. She also declined to comment when contacted by the media. A parent has shared her deleted Facebook post which shows her proudly commenting that if she gets fired for teaching a child the glory of Jesus, then she will get sacked for an excellent reason.

Many people who knew the primary school teacher defended her. Sterling Haney commented on a Facebook post where he extolled Schobel's teaching skills and mentioned being her student 25 years back. He said it would be hard to find a teacher like Schobel who cares for children as she does. He then went on to ask why The Odyssey can be taught in schools, but not the Bible.


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