Everything’s Bigger in Texas – See the Largest Cross in the U.S.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – See the Largest Cross in the U.S.
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America’s largest cross will be built in Corpus Christi, Texas.

If everything goes as planned, Corpus Christi in Texas will be home to the biggest cross in the Western hemisphere. This will be another attraction in a state that has given the world more secular assets like Whataburger and personalities like Selena and Eva Longoria. The ambitious venture is managed by the Corpus Christi Cross project. The ground for the structure was chosen off the Interstate 37 located in Northwest Corpus Christi. The exact location is the campus of Abundant Life Fellowship.

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The cross will be massive: about 210 feet high and 95 feet wide. Pastor Rick Milby had the idea of the project when he visited Houston and saw the huge cross there. He also heard tales of positive occurrences which were influenced by the presence of the cross. Post seeing that cross, Pastor Milby discussed the matter with the Sagemont Church. This project is being funded by supporters who are contributing the requisite funds to make this a reality. It has been reassured that the persons donating larger amounts of money will enjoy their contributions being noted on the paver stones at the foot of the cross.

Pastor Miles has estimated the total expense of the construction to cross $1 million. A total of about $142,000 has been collected. The initial height of the cross was 150 feet. However, according to new plans, it will get a 60 foot upgrade and be steel plated. The steel base and concrete will ensure that hurricane force winds will not be an issue.

An Illinois cross stands a little under 200 feet. There is a reason for such a height limitation. The FAA rules prescribe that a light must be perched above anything which rises above this height. According to the plan, the Corpus Christi cross design permits a two-foot deflection. It could actually sway two feet in case of high winds. Milby reassured everyone that the foundation piers will have a 48 feet deep anchor. In such a case, if the cross blows over, about three acres of land will be pushed up.

A number of dignitaries were present during groundbreaking ceremony. Governor Greg Abbott sent a message that supported the initiative. Representative Todd Hunter read the message. The end result will be a 210 feet long cross. The structure can be seen from all aircraft flying into the Corpus Christi International Airport. It can also be distinguished from five miles away when approaching by land.


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