Evangelical Pat Robertson's Interview with Donald Trump

Evangelical Pat Robertson’s Interview with Donald Trump

Evangelical Pat Robertson's Interview with Donald Trump

United States President Donald J. Trump was interviewed by Pat Robertson, the CBN founder at the White House on July 12.

The interview was an exclusive one with the media house. It was taken at a time when there was much controversy in the media between Trump and Putin's Russia. The 2016 presidential elections were believed to be influenced by Russia interference and that Putin wanted Trump to be the US president.

Evangelical Pat Robertson’s Interview with Donald Trump[/tweetthis]

Other than President Vladimir Putin and Russia, the US President Donald Trump talked over a large number of issues. The two discussed the threat posed by North Korea. The terrorist funding problem from Middle Eastern countries was also talked about. The president, in his exclusive interview, said that since he is the President of the United States, and President Putin is the supremo of Russia, his core goals will be to secure America's best interests. Conversely, Putin will try to secure the world in Russia's favor.

President Trump said that in special cases like Syria, the United States and Russia can go for a ceasefire and do things together. He continued on to say that there are many instances where the two countries can get along and do constructive activities, but in the end, he reminded Robertson, that Putin will want to clinch deals in favor of Russia and he will try to manipulate things in favor of the United States. Trump admitted that his interaction with Putin at G20 summit can be described as a productive one. Describing the meeting, he said that it took a long time-about two hours, 15 minutes- and it was face to face.

Trump, as usual, went on to his always-on-election mode and tried to convince his interviewer, and through him, the larger audience that Putin actually wanted Hillary Clinton to be the president. This point was made despite Donald Trump Jr., the president's son, admitting in an email sent in 2016 that the Russian government favored Trump to be the future US President.

President Trump said that the United States is the strongest nation on the globe and it is getting more powerful every passing day as he is a military person. Trump said the reason President Putin dislikes him is because Putin knows he wants a strong military. His opinion is that if Hillary Clinton was made president, the might of the US military will be a thing of the past. He also claimed that with Clinton installed as president, energy would be an expensive commodity. 


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