The Rainbow Mormon Initiative Offers Support for LGBT Mormons


via Rainbow Mormon Initiative

The Rainbow Mormon Initiative is an attempt to bring attention to LGBT issues in the Mormon Community.

After completing her dissertation on suicide prevention in Utah, Kristy Money knew she had to do something to help the LGBT Mormon community. It was then that the Rainbow Mormon Initiative was born.

The Rainbow Mormon Initiative Offers Support for LGBT Mormons[/tweetthis]

On June 5, 2016, Mormons who are friends to the LGBT+ community will wear rainbow ribbons to church and elsewhere to show their support. Further, the Rainbow Mormon Initiative requests that supporters also knit or crochet scarves, hats and blankets to donate to Ogden Youth Futures, a shelter for homeless LGBT+ teens in Utah, the Huffington Post reports.

June 5 is exactly seven months after an information leak revealed that the Mormon Church will now label same-sex married Mormons as “apostates” who may be excommunicated. Additionally, their children may not be baptized in the church. Baptism is a saving decree, and these children will also not be allowed to participate in any other church activities and rites. However, when they turn eighteen, they have the opportunity to reject their parents’ lifestyle which would allow them to become baptized.

The Rainbow Mormon Initiative is an attempt to bring attention to LGBT+ Mormon issues as they are a group who are disregarded by the church. Those within the initiative wish to remind other Mormons that Christ always showed love for those whom society had cast aside.

One group especially affected are LGBT+ teens. Parents are kicking these children out their homes because the church says that “excommunicating is a loving gesture to stop sin,” Money said, because it will inspire repentance and obedience.

But psychologists report that instead these teens feel “alone and shunned” and don’t come back to their homes. The Rainbow Mormon Initiative is an attempt, with a very simple gesture, to both bring attention to the plight of the LGBT+ Mormon community and to show those who are suffering that they have love and support from people within the church. 


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