Ben Carson Links Hillary Clinton to Lucifer

Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, and the Devil.

July 19, the second day of the 2016 Republican National Convention held at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, saw Donald Trump-endorser Ben Carson rallying against Hillary Clinton.

Ben Carson Links Hillary Clinton to Lucifer[/tweetthis]

Carson, during his six-minute speech at the convention, brought up Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, which acknowledged Lucifer as the original radical who gained his own kingdom. Carson said Alinsky is Clinton's mentor and one of her heroes whom she greatly admires. Her senior thesis was about Alinsky. Carson asked the convention attendees whether they are willing to elect someone as their president who’s role model is a person who admires Lucifer. This won Carson a rapturous response from the Republican crowd present in the arena.

Carson, who is also a prominent figure in the evangelical community, further said that the Declaration of Independence contains certain inalienable rights that come from God. The Pledge of Allegiance states that America is one nation under God. Every coin and every bill in the wallets and pockets of American people says 'In God We Trust'. People like Clinton will take God out of American people's lives. “If we continue to allow them to take God out of our lives, God will remove himself from us, we will not be blessed and our nation will go down the tubes and we will be responsible for that.”

The irony here is that Carson is endorsing a person who once tagged him as 'pathological', and compared him to a child molester.

Ben Carson is a retired American neurosurgeon, who had been, from 1984 till 2013, the Pediatric Neurosurgery Director at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland. He is the holder of a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Carson was one of the Republican candidates for the 2016 Presidential election, however, he dropped out last March.

In an interview given to The Tennessean, Carson defended Melania Trump with regards to the flak that she has been receiving for copying Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention speech, by stating that if indeed the lines were lifted, then Ms. Trump did so based on their shared values that transcend party lines.

When CNN's Chris Cuomo, last Wednesday, pointed out to Carson that he was criticizing Clinton for something she did when she was in college, he responded by asking to look at “what she advocates, the killing of babies, the dissolution of the traditional family, all these kinds of things.”


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