AD The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues, Series Premieres Easter Sunday on NBC

AD The Bible Continues

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s continuation of their hit History Channel show hopes to capture an audience on the Christian holiday.

This Easter, NBC picks up where The History Channel’s The Bible left off with A.D. The Bible Continues. NBC’s fresh mini-series blends biblical tales with the political scheming that currently dominates U.S. television shows. Where A.D. The Bible Continues differs from other biblical recreations is that it seeks a narrative for the struggle of the Apostles after Jesus’ resurrection. According to ABC News, only about half of the mini-series’ story comes from the Bible, the other half from historians of the era.

Producer Mark Burnett, told ABC News, "The decade following the crucifixion, from the perspective of the Apostles, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." The mini-series’ co-producer, Roma Downey, says of Jesus’ apostles’ struggle after the crucifixion, "I think what it does it allows you to have a fuller understanding of that story because when you see the oppression of the times that they are living in, when you understand that danger lurks in every alley, and the inhumanity of the times.”

In order to achieve authenticity and to address concerns that the original cast for The Bible was too Caucasian, the producers assembled an international cast with actors from as far away as Africa. Both Mary Magdalene and John the Beloved are played by Zimbabwean actors U.S. News and World Report says. Meanwhile, Jesus is played by an Argentine, Juan Pablo Di Pace.

The first of twelve episodes of A.D. The Bible Continues will air at 9 p.m. EDT on Easter Sunday, April 5.


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