Bomb Defused at Joseph's Tomb

Bomb Defused at Joseph’s Tomb

Bomb Defused at Joseph's Tomb
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1,200 worshippers were visiting the holy site

A pipe bomb was discovered near Joseph’s Tomb by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).[/tweetit] IDF found the pipe as preparations were being made for the arrival of Jewish worshippers to the area in Nablus. 1,200 Jewish worshippers will be making their way to the compound. A controlled explosion neutralized the pipe bomb.

Bomb Defused at Joseph’s Tomb[/tweetthis]

The Israeli Defense Forces were running a security check on Monday night. The Jewish worshippers conduct a monthly visit to the area. This monthly visit is kept safe by the Israeli Defense Forces, and the site has been restored after being vandalized in October 2015.

Jews, Muslims, and Christians regard Joseph’s Tomb as a holy place. It is located near Nablus in the West Bank. Permission is a mandatory requirement for Israeli Jews so that they can visit the burial place of Joseph.

As worshippers made their way into the tomb, many unruly elements made their presence known. Rioters burned tires, and the IDF forces had to defend themselves from stones being thrown at them by the rioters. Riot dispersal techniques were employed by the soldiers to control the situation. Prayer services kept going undisturbed.

The IDF, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), Israel Police in the Judea and Samaria area and Border Police arrested 15 individuals who were suspected of terrorist activity, nationalistic terrorism, as well as violent disturbances towards civilians and even security forces. The arrested individuals have been moved to a secure location by the security forces so that they can be questioned.

Israeli gunfire injured four Palestinians while the disturbances were taking place. The Palestinian WAFA news agency has reported that the disturbances took place as worshippers entered the tomb. The injured have been taken to Rafidia Government Hospital for emergency treatment as they were hit in their lower body area by live fire. There were a couple of Palestinians who inhaled tear gas. They were treated at the scene of the action.

Rubber bullets have wounded thirteen Palestinians during the disturbance near Joseph’s Tomb. The Palestinian Quds news agency has reported that as many as five individuals have been injured in the thigh and foot region by live fire. These individuals were taken to a hospital. Another eight were reported that were shot and then treated.


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