How Bibles Are Smuggled Into North Korea

How Bibles Are Smuggled Into North Korea

How Bibles Are Smuggled Into North Korea
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Techniques Include Ballons, MP3s, and Bribery

On a windy night, several helium balloons are sent to North Korea. These are no ordinary balloons. They contain scripture written in the Korean language as well as soft copies of Bibles. On several occasions, large hydrogen balloons are flown into rural parts of North Korea. These balloons are navigated by GPS to ensure they land in their destination. These balloons ferry testimonials and bibles. Christians and missionaries from South Korea do all these things with the hope that North Koreans will know they are not forgotten.
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For a long time, Christianity has been banned in North Korea. Most Christians are arrested and publicly executed. Tourists visiting the country are warned against carrying any religious items into the country. However, people have become innovative, moving bibles in MP3 formats across the border. Occasionally, they have to bribe guards with money to overlook what they are carrying.

The Korean regime believes that their leaders are their gods. Children in North Korea are trained to pray before meals, ‘Thank you, Father Kim Il Sung for our food.’ It is regarded as taboo to follow the Western religions. This is directly seen as defiance to the regime. “If Jesus is Lord, then Kim Jong Un can’t be,” says the administration.

To stop the spread of Christianity, the North Korean government has put specific measures in place. The guards at the border are always under surveillance and are changed frequently. The government also requires its citizens to monitor one another. Anyone listening to a foreign radio station should be reported immediately.

Moreover, the government also sends undercover spies as part of the Christian organization to lure Christians. Christians who are discovered are imprisoned in camps. Despite the ongoing efforts to curb Christianity, North Korea continues to have an expanding church.


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