Is It Alright for Christians to Drink Alcohol?

Is It Alright for Christians to Drink Alcohol?

Is It Alright for Christians to Drink Alcohol?

This is what churchgoers have to say about drinking.

Drinking alcohol seems to be a part of the American lifestyle, but that hasn’t had an impact on the attitude against liquor consumption among churchgoers.[/tweetit] Back in 2007, when LifeWay Research conducted a phone survey, they discovered 61 percent of Protestant churchgoers abstained from alcohol. The same study also highlighted that 39 percent of the participants consumed liquor.

Is It Alright for Christians to Drink Alcohol?[/tweetthis]

Since then, a decade has passed, which would have had an enormous impact on how people view alcohol consumption. Gallup, performance management and research-based consulting company, has been conducting surveys for the past 75 years. The results shed light on alcohol consumption among Americans, as at least two-thirds of the participants have indulged in this behavior. Their survey in 2018 depicted the rise in drinking liquor, as 63 percent of the respondents consume alcohol.

However, it looks like the views of Protestant churchgoers continue to remain the same on this topic.

Keep in mind; there are several factors such as denominational affiliation, geography, and age which impact behavior and attitude towards liquor. The chances that males and females are going to say yes when asked whether they consume alcohol are 48 percent and 37 percent respectively. Similarly, those from Assemblies of Pentecostals/God, non-denominational and Baptists are less like to go in favor of alcohol consumption, unlike Methodists and Lutherans.

The new study from LifeWay Research shows that 41 percent of the respondents drink liquor, despite the Bible highlighting the ills of getting drunk. The survey also reports 59 percent of the churchgoers remain steadfast on staying away from alcohol.

While diving deeper into the study, the company obtained fascinating results. For starters, churchgoers believe that consumption of alcohol among Christians causes other followers of the faith to become confused or stumble. The fact became quite clear during the 2017 survey, as 60 percent of the participants agreed in favor of this statement.

Is It Alright for Christians to Drink Alcohol?
LifeWay Research

When it comes to consumption of beverages, including alcohol, 55 percent believe Christians can do so without sin. On the other hand, 54 percent of the participants follow the liberty given in the Bible, to drink rational amounts of alcohol.

87 percent of the respondents understand that the Bible asks them to stay away from drunkenness. However, when the survey starts dwelling on the topic of abstinence from alcohol, the results differ immensely. Only 23 percent of the participants agree about the Scripture advising followers to avoid consuming, while 71 percent disagree with this statement.


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