Writer and Priestess Courtney Weber Defends Wiccans from Ritual Murder Claims

Courtney Weber pleads: “stop accusing us Wiccans of ritual murder.”

In one of her articles on the Huffington Post, Courtney Weber defended the Wiccans and the Wiccan religion from accusations that members commit murder as part of their rituals. In her post, she repeatedly stressed that “Wiccans don’t practice ritual murders.”

The strong appeal comes after the murder of three family members in Escambia County, Florida wherein the county sheriff announced the possible link of the murder with Wiccan “ritual killing” associated with the recent blue moon. The police department was able to come up with such theory because of the evidence gathered, the method of murder, and the way the bodies were arranged after the discovery.

Weber is a practicing member and a priestess of the religion. Wicca is a modern pagan or witchcraft religion founded during the early 20th century which has its roots in Europe. Compared to mainstream religions, there’s no central authority.  Instead of worshipping a divine or heavenly creator, Wiccan gods and goddesses are usually associated with animals, nature, the sky and the elements. The moon is of special importance because most of its practices and rituals are usually held during certain moon cycles.

Courtney Weber’s rants are particularly addressed to the Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan. She asks the sheriff “what Wiccan books have you read that imply that murder or violence is part of any of our rites”?  She cited that singing and feasting is a common Wiccan ritual. But she argues that nothing is consumed and shared except for cakes and breads made out of flour and water not of human flesh.

Weber compares the recent accusations on Wiccans to the mysterious case of Sarah Fox. Fox was also thought to be murdered by a ritual killing because of the flowers arranged around her body only to find out that they actually came from nearby trees that are in full bloom.

The writer also clarified the recentBlue Moon ritual.” “What did I do on this last full Moon, the Blue Moon supposedly connected to ‘ritual murders?’ I spent part of it alone, focusing on love, harmony and compassion. The other part I spend outside, holding the hand of a Covener and gazing up at the Moon. Yes, I cast spells. One of the spells I’m planning is for the fiancé of a dear friend who is battling cancer.”

Weber also criticized several media outlets which according to her often resort to sensationalism just to sell their news. The truth and the real story are often cloaked under click-bait titles or news articles with very catchy titles but of poor content. She thinks that these practices are only made by those who are desperate for advertisement revenues.

In the end, the writer and priestess stressed that the Wiccan religion is all about “respect for the planet and all of its inhabitants – animal and human.” She also urges readers and critics to find and read information about Wiccan practices, beliefs and rituals instead of believing hypes. And again, she closes her article by saying that “Wiccans do NOT practice ritual murder”.


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