National Park Service Islam Videos

Series of Videos from National Park Service Praise Islam

National Park Service Islam Videos
Children detail the hateful remarks they receive due to their choice of religion

Several National Park Service videos have been produced showing how American Muslim students blame hatred directed towards their faith on the chilling and dramatic 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The videos promote Islam as a pioneer in women’s rights and suggest that there is widespread ignorance about what Islam is.

The government video carried content stating that “Islam in itself means peace” and Islam brings out peace under further scrutiny.

AnNuri Islamic School located in Schenectady, N.Y. is where the video was filmed. The video was then later posted on the Women’s Rights National Historical Park Website. An intern in the National Park Service was responsible for posting the video.

National Park Service videos” target=”_blank”>On the park’s website, viewers see that the video consist of a three-part series where children are filmed discussing their experiences as well as challenges they face thanks to the negative Muslim comments, insults and bad publicity directed towards them.

Click to watch all the videos. See Part 2 here:

In the video a student is heard saying that before the fateful September 11 attacks, there was minimal, if any, hate directed towards Muslims, however, after the terror attacks, Islam became the enemy religion and all Muslims were subjected to psychological torture.

According to the student, stereotypes started the belief that Muslims = terror, it is what they were raised to do and are supposed to do. Others even go further to suggest that the Muslim holy book, the Quran, and their Prophet tells them to do so.

The National Park Service is quick to assure the public that no federal taxpayer dollars were used during the filming and production of the video. All the funding came through a donation via the Friends of Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY.

The National Park Service has embarked on an initiative to share the women’s rights movement and show that human, religious, and civil rights battles are still ongoing.

The Chief Spokesman Mike Litterst proceeded to state that the videos were filmed to praise Islam’s fair treatment of women. However, the video neglected the fact that millions of women continue to face discrimination and, worse still, violence in modern-day Islamic nations.

The National Park Service failed to respond to queries raised against their negligence to produce videos that promote other religions such as Judaism and Christianity.


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