End Times, Pope Francis and Jail Time with Kim Davis


Kim Davis hits headlines again, in new interview on end times, Pope Francis, and jail.

Controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has hit the headlines again, after stating in an interview that the world is currently "living in the end times," and that Christians are facing a "battle" for their religious freedom.

End Times, Pope Francis and Jail Time with Kim Davis[/tweetthis]

Davis was attending the Family Research Council State of the Family Address, and afterwards granted an interview to The Christian Post about her controversial views. She reportedly believes the situation for Christians in America can only get "worse."

"There is a lot of Bible prophecy that has to be fulfilled. Whether you acknowledge it or not, we are living in end times," said Davis on Monday evening. "How soon will the Lord return? I don't know but definitely there are signs that we are in the end of times and there is a lot of stuff that has to happen to fulfil Bible prophecy. The word of God is infallible and so I suspect it will get a lot worse."

Davis shot to fame last year after refusing to sign a marriage certificate for a gay couple in her home state of Kentucky, saying that to do so would violate her firm religious beliefs. While she has since faced numerous calls to quit her job, or simply retire, Davis said that to do so would take away from her the platform that God has given her, and that she believes all Christians at present need to stand up for their beliefs. She also said that she found her time in jail "peaceful", saying "I got to study the word of God. I got to read. I got to pray. I got to sing to the top of my lungs in that jail — very peaceful time."

Davis also reflected on her meeting with Pope Francis in the interview, explaining that he asked her to pray for him and thanked her for showing her courage during her ordeal. "I didn't know why he would want to meet me. I am nobody," she said. "He was a very inviting man and I think he desires prayers of all people. He's got a lot of followers that depend on his leadership."


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