Will Evangelicals Try To Get Trump To Change?

Donald Trump is “Lost and Needs Christ” says Southern Baptist Russell Moore

Donald Trump
“Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!” -Donald TrumpMICHAEL VADON is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Russell Moore’s prayer for The Trump: “repent.”

Russell D. Moore is an American evangelical theologian and preacher. He is the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) public-policy division. He is also a vocal critic of Donald Trump. The past few months saw him heavily criticizing Donald Trump for his boorish behavior and his policies. Trump's character flaws have been a favorite topic of Moore. Last month, he appeared on Face the Nation, an American Sunday morning political interview show aired on the CBS television network, and slammed Trump's campaign as “reality television moral sewage.” He also criticized the followers of Trump for using racist “threats and intimidation” tactics during the campaign.

Donald Trump is “Lost and Needs Christ” says Southern Baptist Russell Moore.[/tweetthis]

The latest from the Moore arsenal tags Donald Trump as a lost person, and a prayer from Moore to make Trump repent of all his sins and turn to faith in Jesus Christ. In an interview given to CBN, Moore said that he is praying for the conversion of Trump who has tagged himself as a Christian. Trump converting to Christianity means a change in his public policies in terms of the American Constitutional framework and the principles of justice. It also means a change in the way he is changing the moral character of people surrounding him, including his supporters, and the people who are getting on the bandwagon. Moore said that he believes people can change. Donald Trump changing would indeed be a remarkable change.

According to Trump, he was baptized into the Presbyterian Church as a child. He identifies himself as a Christian. He has even offered complete protection for Christians if he is elected as the President.

Moore is not a fan of Hillary Clinton either. According to him, the likely Democratic nominee has a different set of problems and issues. To him, both the presidential candidates represent an amoral sort of vision of America that the people of America do not believe in. He further said that both the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton phenomenon shows an embrace of the very kind of decadence that the conservatives have been saying as the problem for a very long time.

Donald Trump, who never runs away from a good fight, hit back at Moore, via Twitter. He branded Moore as a terrible representative of the Evangelicals and a nasty guy with no heart.

No matter who wins the Oval Office, Moore is not going to be a happy person. According to him, he has already started strengthening his Church against a potentially future overbearing government.


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