Justin Bieber Singing and Playing Guitar

Is Justin Bieber Becoming More Religious?

Justin Bieber Singing and Playing Guitar
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Recent Instagram Video Shows Closer Link to Hillsong Church

Justin Bieber’s spiritual progress is no longer a secret and his open association with the Hillsong United Church has become a matter of contention for Beliebers worldwide. His religious leanings were made more obvious by an Instagram video that he posted of himself dancing amidst a group of worshipers at the Hillsong United Church, to the tunes of the gospel song, “Wake.”
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The video was posted from Australia, where the Canadian singer attended a Hillsong conference. This comes after his announcement to cancel his Purpose tour, much to the disappointment of his fans. Sources close to the singer have said that Bieber’s intentions were not to hurt his fans, but that he requires a break and he himself has said that he is merely suffering from a burnout.

Bieber has often been seen in the company of Carl Lentz, a prominent figure of the Hillsong United Church, and fans have even speculated the possibility that it was the Church may have influenced his decision to cancel his Purpose tour, which the spokespersons from the Church have refused to accept. The Church officially declared, “The recent announcement by Justin Bieber about his tour does not involve Hillsong Church.”

Bieber apologized to his fans at Santa Monica beach for canceling the tour saying, “Sorry for anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed, it’s not in my heart or anything, and have a blessed day.” Other sources have revealed that Bieber is taking some time off so that he can focus on his life and his life decisions. To many that translates as focusing on his spiritual life, and spending more time in church.

To his religious fans, the video of Bieber dancing at the Hillsong concert has come as a sign that their favorite star is taking is a religious life very seriously. The support he is receiving for turning on this new chapter in his life is obvious from the many supportive comments that the video he uploaded on Instagram has received.

Despite his new-found love for spirituality, however, the singer has still managed to garner some scandals, such as the time when he accidentally hit a paparazzi member with his truck. However, Bieber still has a long way to go in his newfound path in training his “mind, heart and soul to be sustainable so that [he] can be the man [he] wants to be.”


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