Greg Laurie Spiritual Awakening After Charlottesville Violence

Greg Laurie Calls for Spiritual Awakening After Charlottesville Violence

Greg Laurie Spiritual Awakening After Charlottesville Violence
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Greg Laurie recounted to the Angel Stadium audience on his ‘hate filled’ youth

Pastor Greg Laurie, in front of a gathering of about 26,000 people crammed into the Angel Stadium in California, decried the racial violence and the turmoil which reared in Charlottesville, VA during the second weekend of August. Pastor Laurie urged his audience who have gathered for the SoCal Harvest Friday evening to reject prejudice[/tweetit] and to forgo the hate they observe in this world. His message was titled “A Second Change for America.”

Greg Laurie Calls for Spiritual Awakening After Charlottesville Violence[/tweetthis]

Pastor Laurie spoke about a number of issues facing the United States, highlighting the Charlottesville violence. The violent events included protests by white nationalists and also a counter-protest. The events ended with one woman losing her life. The pastor warned his audience that America is now divided. He went on to say, “For a follower of Jesus Christ, there is no place for racism, bigotry or prejudice of any kind.” He expressed dismay at the sight of people carrying swastikas and crosses, while talking stridently about white supremacy. The pastor told his venue congregation that “There is no superior race. We are all part of the human race.” He urged all those attending to take a 'second chance' when it came to God's forgiveness in Jesus Christ, God's own son.

Pastor Laurie told the audience he was 'filled with hate' during his youth. He said that he used to smoke huge amounts of pot in the Laguna Beach, CA. Like him, the U.S. also requires a second chance. He reminded the audience that the U.S. is now being threatened by terrorists and North Korea wants to drop a nuclear bomb on American soil. It is imperative, the pastor said, that America go to God. Incidentally, Greg Laurie turned to faith at the time of the Jesus movement. The latter was a revival movement which swept America and changed the country during the 1960s.

Pastor Laurie urged Christians keep the U.S. in their prayers on the context of geopolitical dangers and threats. During an interview with The Christian Post on August 13, the pastor said that he agreed with Robert Jeffress, the Baptist Dallas pastor when the latter said God has provided President Donald Trump with the proper authority to “take out” Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator. The latter was severely criticized for this report.


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