Crucified Stormtrooper Display at Church Causes Controversy

Stormtrooper Jesus Display at Church Causes Controversy
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Why a Stormtrooper art display has so many people mad

A short time ago in a land far, far away, or basically in the last couple of days in England, there has been a growing anger over the display of an art piece in an Episcopal church. The piece shows a Stormtrooper, one of the evil goons in the Star Wars movies, displayed on a cross exactly like you would see Jesus Christ appear.

Crucified Stormtrooper Display at Church Causes Controversy[/tweetthis]

The Saint Stephen Walbrook Church in London was displaying the piece as part of the Missing Tom Fund, a charitable organization that was created in 2003 when Tom Moore disappeared. The reverend at the church stated the piece was designed to be provocative and illicit response about the controversy of the Christ Cross and if Jesus exists for alien civilizations.

While some parishioners did not mind the exhibit, others felt it offensive to the teachings of the church. People pointed to Exodus in the Bible, where God declares Himself a “jealous god” and states in clear terms to not create a similar image. One could argue that the art piece was just that, a piece of art and not a form of religious worship. However, the negative reaction was large enough that the exhibit was moved from a prominent place in the center of the church to a more hidden area in the back.

The piece, called “Stations of the Cross” will be put on auction soon. The initial asking price is over $14,000. One wonders if people would have been more tolerant if the image was “the most hated upon alien in the galaxy,” Jar Jar Binks.


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