Belief In Santa Claus Among Kids Beats Out Belief in God, the Devil, Heaven and Hell Among Adults

As the numbers of those professing membership in an organized religion continue to decline, so too do those who believe in spiritual entities such

Chinese City Christian Crackdown! Ban on Public Christmas Decorations

Chinese City Bans Public Christmas Decorations in Continued Crackdown on Christianity

Lanfang is not the only Chinese city to ban Christmas decorations. Santa Claus has been officially banned from entering the Chinese city of Langfang.[/tweetit]

Chrismukkah Book Draws Controversy

The New Children’s Book about “Chrismukkah”: ‘Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus’

Book Celebrates Holiday Celebration of Interfaith Families Though Hanukkah Harvie vs. Santa Claus has only just been released (11/1/17), it’s already had an interesting

We Found Santa Claus and He is Dead

We Finally Found Santa Claus And He Is Dead

St. Nicholas' body may have been finally found in Demre, Turkey. Warning: You may not want children to know about this. Santa Claus may

How Christmas and Chinese New Year Are Similar

Christmas and Chinese New Year have their differences, but they're also quite similar. You might believe that Chinese New Year is just a special

Winter Religious Holidays Around the World [Infographic]

Share this Infographic on Your Site Source: Click to Enlarge Share this Infographic on Your Site Source: Winter Religious Holidays Around the

The Story of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day: Remembering the real St. Nicholas. The feast of Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 6 for western Christian countries while in

A World Religion Holiday Season Calendar [Infographic]

Exclusively from! What Do World Religions Do During the Holiday Season? Discover what world religions do during the holiday season in this information-packed

Kirk Cameron saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron Spreading Joy With ‘Saving Christmas’

Kirk Cameron's 2014 film 'Saving Christmas' aims to get viewers into the holiday spirit. Kirk Cameron, Christian actor/film producer says that he is hoping

skip church

Atheist Billboards Say To Skip Church On Christmas

American Atheists place billboards that say Santa approves skipping church on Christmas, as long as you're good. American Atheists, a nonprofit, is urging children