Cryptocurrency for God: Christ Coin

First Cryptocurrency for God: Christ Coin

Would you invest in Crypto Currency? What about if it helped your religion? The company Life Change is Read More

Mormons Offering Assistance to Las Vegas Shooting Victims

Mormons have been donating blood, food, and blankets to those affected by the Las Vegas shooting. Members of Read More

We Found Santa Claus and He is Dead

We Finally Found Santa Claus And He Is Dead

St. Nicholas' body may have been finally found in Demre, Turkey. Warning: You may not want children to Read More

Lindsey Stirling on Dancing With The Stars

Mormon Musician Lindsey Stirling Finding Success on ‘Dancing With…

Lindsey Stirling, who found fame in 2007 via YouTube, is on the 25th season of the dance competition Read More

Happy Bring Your Bible to School Day !

Happy Bring Your Bible to School Day!

Kentucky Governor Pushing Controversial Move Governor Matt Bevin released a video yesterday urging students in Kentucky to carry Read More

The Creators of New Show ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the…

The show Kevin (Probably) Saves the World has faint traces of Biblical tales. Jason Ritter plays the titular Read More