Mormons Offering Assistance to Las Vegas Shooting Victims

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Mormons have been donating blood, food, and blankets to those affected by the Las Vegas shooting.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Las Vegas were horrified when they learned their city had become the site of the deadliest shooting in U.S. They made their decision and took the call: they helped those who survived the carnage. The church issued a statement October 2 expressing their horror at the turn of events. It continued on to say the members mourn those who died due to the shooting and also those who are recovering from the emotional and physical wounds suffered. The statement concluded by saying God should bless those affected with comfort and peace as only the almighty can provide succor in heartbreaking and tragic moments.

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Mormons showed action only hours after the tragedy. LDS church members living all over Clark County in Nevada and beyond got together to do what they can to maximize relief. They did everything what was needed to shine a ray of hope to the victims of this senseless shooting and their families. They also helped hospital workers and the first responders. All these were done discreetly, with church members saying the ongoing efforts were a component of a much unified and bigger relief. Their activities defined Las Vegas in the aftermath of the shooting.

“There have been so many people stepping forward to help all across Las Vegas,” said Dee Moody.

After seeing the Ronald McDonald House was delivering non-perishable edible items to the victims and loved ones, she began using her own social media channel, made calls and texts asking fellow members to contribute to the effort and raised about $900.

One member took the money, went to a local supermarket and bought large quantities of food. The donated goods were then dispatched to the Ronald McDonald House. The food was then made ready for distribution to the hospitals. Many members donated blood to the shooting victims, passing time in the long lines by decorating lunch sacks with bright drawings. The sacks were later used by the Ronald McDonald House.

Other Relief Society members have been busy making blankets to donate to relatives of victims at the hospitals.


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