The Creators of New Show ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ Talk Religion

By Greg Hernandez (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Greg Hernandez (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The show Kevin (Probably) Saves the World has faint traces of Biblical tales.

Jason Ritter plays the titular role in Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. He plays the likable character of an unsuccessful investment banker who attempted suicide. A series of events then brings him to stay in the spare room of his sister’s house outside Austin, Texas. Then the story follows a cliched pattern. The sister Amy, played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher, is an academic and a widow. She has a daughter Reese, played by Chloe East.

The Creators of New Show “Kevin Probably Saves the World” Talk Religion[/tweetthis]

The script goes supernatural when multiple shooting stars land all over the globe. One shooting star lands only a short distance away from the house. Kevin and Reese walk over to investigate. Kevin, not heeding the warnings of his niece, touches the meteor. The material explodes and he is blown away. When he finally wakes up, he sees an angel Yvette, plated by Kimberly Hebert Gregory. The angel describes herself as God's warrior. Yvette provides vital information to Kevin like in every generation from the time humans walked the earth, 36 righteous souls came to exist. Humanity is protected simply by their existence. A viewer could find this plot uncomfortably close to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. The angel further informs the failed investment banker that only one righteous soul is present at the current time. The story has a hint of non-denominational, Judeo-Christian arrangement. The show is produced by Tara Butters and written by Michele Fazekas.

When asked about the show, Butters replied that the protagonist is striving to be better than what he was as an individual. He is also trying to tackle his family and also gets caught up in the lives of other people. Each episode has him assisting people so that his spiritual power goes up. The close of the pilot episode shows him helping another. Kevin also gets the puzzle's first piece to locating the position of the righteous.

The character of Yvette, the angel, is also created well. The episodes make it clear that she is withholding important information from Kevin. When the latter asks her about herself, she clearly tells him of her unwillingness to do so. It is clear that the angel could have a completely different agenda from what she said. Amy is portrayed as the reliable one in the series who began to notice things which cannot be explained scientifically.


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