Richard Dawkins 2015

Atheist Richard Dawkins Feels the Rise in Nones Could be “Even Worse”

Richard Dawkins cautioned against immediately accepting the rise in religiously unaffiliated and called Deepak Chopra's beliefs "even worse" than religion. Richard Dawkins could be

Patton Oswalt Westboro Baptist

Patton Oswalt Compares Atheists Maher & Dawkins to Westboro Baptist Church

Famous comedian, actor, and atheist, Patton Oswalt called out fellow atheists Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins comparing them to the Westboro Baptist Church. In

Richard Dawkins Responds to Viral Videos

Richard Dawkins Responds to Anti-Atheist Viral Videos

Famed atheist Richard Dawkins responds to viral videos of Christians denouncing atheism. Videos that espouse one religion or denounce another are rather common on the

Secular 2014 Conference to Focus on the Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights

Secular 2014 Conference to Focus on the Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights

“Secularism is probably the one big issue for our century. This century is not, as many still think, marked by a religious or spiritual

2014 Bad Year For Atheists?

Is 2014 a Bad Year for Atheists?

Though a little less than 4 months remain in 2014 I suspect New Year’s Eve celebrations can’t arrive soon enough for atheists in the

Child Praying

Is Religious Exposure Making it Difficult For Your Child to Distinguish Fact From Fantasy?

It’s been discovered that young religious children have trouble separating fact from fiction. According to a study in the latest issue of Cognitive Science,

Atheist Daley Center Display

Atheist Symbol Joins Christian and Jewish Displays in Chicago Plaza

Each year in Chicago’s Daley Plaza, displays are erected for religious holidays occurring in December. This year, the usual Hanukkah menorah and Christmas Nativity

Atheism In Irish Schools

Irish Elementary Students to Learn About Atheism and Agnosticism Next School Year

Elementary school children in Ireland will learn about atheism, agnosticism and humanism. The group Educate Together, a multi-denominational curriculum provider, and the group Atheist