FFRF Co-President Dan Barker’s New Book Concludes That God is Evil

New Book From FFRF Co-President Dan Barker: God: The Most Unpleasant Creature in All Fiction. Dan Barker is trending all over the globe after

Richard Dawkins’ Atheist Organization Merges with Center for Inquiry

The merger of Richard Dawkins Foundation and Center for Inquiry makes the largest secularist organization in the United States. The Richard Dawkins Foundation for

Richard Dawkins Islam

Atheist Richard Dawkins: Christianity Has the Power to Defeat Radical Islam

Richard Dawkins now feels that Christianity could defeat radical Islam. Richard Dawkins, who is known all over the world to be a very strict

Richard Dawkins Made a Special Appearance at Nightwish Concert

Richard Dawkins rocks sold out crowd at Nightwish concert. On the night of December 18, the Finnish band Nightwish performed an extraordinary concert for

What is the Problem with New Atheism?

How New Atheism can be saved from Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. According to the latest survey by Pew Research Center, the number of

Ben Carson Creation

Atheist Richard Dawkins thinks Carson is a “Disgrace” Because He Doesn’t Trust Evolution

Ben Carson touts creationism during Nashville speech; on CNN Richard Dawkins says he's embarrassed by Carson. Ben Carson, the Republican presidential candidate, has once

FFRF: The Battle has Begun! This is War, Pope!

Freedom from Religion Foundation launches assault protesting Pope Francis' visit with National Ads. A lot of Americans and the media may be very excited

Atheist Richard Dawkins & Bristol Palin’s Startling Reactions to Ahmed Mohamed

Despite overwhelming support for Ahmed Mohamed, figures like Richard Dawkins and Bristol Palin are critical of the 14-year-old's intentions. After learning Ahmed Mohamed’s not-so-pleasant

Science and Religion: Richard Dawkins and Rabbi Schneerson on A Common Debate

Has science made faith obsolete, or are science and faith capable of going hand-in-hand? It isn’t uncommon for people, both educated and not, to

Richard DawkinsI slam Feminist

Atheist Richard Dawkins’ #tweetfail “Islam Needs a Feminist Revolution”

Richard Dawkins' tweet saying a feminist revolution needs to happen in Islam did not go over well with Muslims. Richard Dawkins, noted Atheist author,must