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Atheist Richard Dawkins: Christianity Has the Power to Defeat Radical Islam

Richard Dawkins Islam
By Mike Cornwell (Wikipedia Commons) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Richard Dawkins now feels that Christianity could defeat radical Islam.

Richard Dawkins, who is known all over the world to be a very strict atheist, as well as the author of the very famous and best-selling book The God Delusion had made certain comments about Christianity in the year 2010. He said that Christianity can be the best defense for fighting against all the Islamic jihad that is taking place all over the world.

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Richard Dawkins’ comments can be seen resurfacing again on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Even though in his book he has compared the teachings of Christianity to that of sexual abuse, he tends to have changed his statements to fall in place with the current circumstances.

According to him, the teachings which have been outlined in the Bible and conveyed by Jesus do not promote or encourage violence. It also does not lead to suicide bombings being attempted. Therefore, Dawkins now feels that Christianity might be the best defense for people if they would like to win the war against radical Islam. Richard Dawkins tries to justify his opinion by saying that in modern times, we do not find any Christians who are engaging in violent behavior or even encouraging it. In addition, we also do not see Christians killing people or blowing up buildings. He is also not aware of any kind of ruling in Christianity in which apostasy should be punished by death. Even though he has mixed feelings about why Christianity has been declining in today’s times, he still has hope that it can be used to combat something far worse.

Even though Richard Dawkins is now being seen to be in favor of Christianity, he was not like that before. In fact, he himself had admitted that he has criticized Christianity in the past. His reason for targeting Christianity is because it is the only religion in the world with which he is most familiar with. When he was young, living in Africa, he attended Christian schools. When he was just nine years old, he and his family shifted and set up their home in England.

After the move, his hatred towards Christianity increased when he encountered sexual abuse while he was in school. Even though it left a psychological effect on him for the long run, it was nothing compared to how he felt while growing up in a home which was so dedicated to the Catholic beliefs.

After that, he pursued the field of biology with the help and support of his parents. It is from there that he started developing his atheist beliefs as he tried to reason everything with science and logic. Despite all this, Dawkins feels that he is often misunderstood and hence criticized by the public and media. But now, thanks to his recent comments, many new discussions are opening up amongst both Christians and atheists alike.


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