2020 Presidential Candidate: A ‘Spiritual Drifter’

2020 Presidential Candidate Jared Huffman is a ‘Spiritual Drifter’

Rep. Jared Huffman considers himself a “seeker.” The most diverse field of candidates in history have made their presence known in the 2020 presidential

Is Richard Dawkins A Religious Bigot?

Is Richard Dawkins A Religious Bigot?

Author Richard Dawkins once again accused of Islamophobia Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and author of multiple atheist-themed books like The Selfish Gene and

American Atheists President Fired Over Sexual Misconduct

American Atheists President David Silverman Fired Over Sexual Misconduct

Silverman is credited with raising the profile of American Atheists. [tweettit]David Silverman, a charismatic atheist, has been sacked from his president post at American

Muslims Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books Free

Muslim Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books

The God Delusion will be available in both Arabic and Farsi. Richard Dawkins, outspoken atheist extraordinaire, has plans to freely distribute his books in

The Connection of Minecraft and Religion

Connecting the ‘Minecraft’ Video Game to Religion

Christianity dominates the Minecraft theology online For those who love religion and video games, a connection exists. To be more specific, it is increasingly

New Study On Science and Religion Called into Doubt

The Templeton Foundation Fund Impartially Questioned There has been continued tension between science and religion. Elaine Howard Ecklund and Christopher P. Scheitle wrote a

Kevn Sorbo Let There Be Light

Kevin Sorbo & Sean Hannity’s New Film About Atheist Who Sees “The Light” in Near-Death Experience

The film pushes Christian spirituality to the hilt Kevin Sorbo, who gained fame for starring in the Hercules television series, is at present known

Richard Dawkins Thoughts on Islam Gets His Berkeley Event Canceled

The radio station canceled the event with Richard Dawkins but did not provide sources to shore up their arguments. KPFA, a radio station broadcasting

Dawkins Calls Islam the Most “Evil” Religion on the Planet and Says Religious Education is Necessary for Primary Students

"The most evil religion in the world has to be Islam" - Richard Dawkins Famous atheist and evolutionist not only thinks that religious education

Richard Dawkins on Religion and Terrorism

By Mike Cornwell from USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Author of bestseller The God Delusion believes that it's religion itself, and not