Muslims Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books Free

Muslim Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books

Muslims Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books Free
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The God Delusion will be available in both Arabic and Farsi.

Richard Dawkins, outspoken atheist extraordinaire, has plans to freely distribute his books in the Islamic world.[/tweetit] The books will be available for free download from the internet. This decision was reputedly taken after it was pointed out to him that The God Delusion, his top bestselling book has been downloaded in Islamic countries 13 million times. The book sold three million copies after it was published in 2006 and is singularly the one which has pushed many religious individuals to atheism.

Muslim Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books Free[/tweetthis]

Dawkins is understandably happy about this and feels encouraged. The staunch loud atheist said that he had begun a project which will offer free downloadable PDFs. A total of seven books authored by him will be available in the first phase. The list includes The God Delusion. Residents of Islamic nations can access the books.

Muslims Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books Free
Dawkins' work is being spread in a number of countries by The Center for Inquiry. The latter has recently merged with Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. The organization has plans to distribute his books to anyone who wants them absolutely free. According to Dawkins, his books will available in Arabic, Indonesian, Farsi, and Urdu. Not all books can be available for free download. Exceptions include the presence of local publishers selling a few book titles. Those books must be purchased from a physical bookstore or online.

The God Delusion first saw print in 2006. The tome blames the horrific September 11, 2001, atrocities squarely on religion. Dawkins, through the book, argued that it is not possible for God to be all loving and all powerful.

His statements have seen predictable criticism from across the political spectrum. The author was particularly critical of monotheistic religions. His views paradoxically attracted the ire of the left as well. Last year, KPFA, an American radio station known for its left leanings has pilloried the atheist concerning his views regarding Islam. They canceled their event with Dawkins even despite high ticket sales. The reason? Dawkins allegedly abused Islam in his comments.

Richard Dawkins presently lives in Oxford.


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