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Bestselling Authors, Parents, PEN and Penguin Random House Sue Florida County Over Removal of Over 1,600 Books

Dictionaries, thesauruses, the Guinness Book of World Records, numerous National Geographic science books, “Anne Frank—The Diary of A Young Girl,” “Schindler’s List”—you won’t find


Why is May 9th So Important To Scientology?

May 9th is an important day for Scientologists for the following five reasons: 5 Reasons Why May 9 is Important to Scientologists[/tweetthis] 1. May

After Christian Burns $50 Worth of LGBTQ Library Books Atheist Raises Thousands to Replace Them

After Christian Burns $50 worth of LGBTQ Library Books Atheist Raises $1,600 to Replace Them

American Atheists member starts a fundraiser after Christian destroys LGBTQ books. When Paul Dorr burned books he had taken from Orange City Public Library

Muslims Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books Free

Muslim Countries to Get Free Richard Dawkins Books

The God Delusion will be available in both Arabic and Farsi. Richard Dawkins, outspoken atheist extraordinaire, has plans to freely distribute his books in

Former Nun Publishes Christian Fantasy ‘BS (Before Satan)’

New book by Elisa Guajardo Carothers is “a chance to see Lucifer before the fall.” Elisa Guajardo Carothers is a jack of many trades.

Is Harry Potter A Religion? This Podcast Says Yes

The Harry Potter faithful are heeding the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. The fact that Harry Potter fans have been religiously faithful

Spiritual Not Religious Books

The 10 Best “Spiritual Not Religious” Books to Put on Your Reading List

As numbers of religiously unaffiliated climb, books are being written to address the "Spiritual Not Religious" crowd. More and more people are becoming religiously

Salma Hayek’s New Animated Film ‘The Prophet’ Brings All Religions Together

Based on Kahlil Gibran's volume of poetry, Salma Hayek's film The Prophet cuts across religious boundaries with views on marriage, freedom, love, and more.

Go Set A Watchman

Here’s a Look at the Religion in Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’

Photo (modified) by Robert is licensed under CC BY 2.0 The book, a sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird, is filled with religious influences

Top 5 Books For Wiccans

Top 5 Books Every Wiccan Should Own

The mysticism combined with the taboo nature of Wiccans and Paganism breeds an increased interest in Wiccan practices. While many pieces of literature are