‘SNL’ “God Is A Boob Man” Skit Angers Some Christians

SNL's spoof "God Is A Boob Man" didn't go over too well with some Christians Two weeks after the release of the Christian film

Missouri Senate Passes Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Bill

Missouri Senate Passes Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Bill

After a day and a half filibuster, the Missouri State Senate passes a controversial religious bill. After an epic 39-hour filibuster attempt failed, the

‘God’s Not Dead 2’ Fixates on Christian Persecution in Schools

God’s Not Dead 2, Fixates on Christian Persecution in Schools

'God's Not Dead 2' focuses on Christian persecution in schools and has a guest appearance by Mike Huckabee. The movie God's Not Dead was

Is Ted Cruz anti-Semitic and anti-Atheist?

Is Ted Cruz anti-Semitic and anti-Atheist?

Ted Cruz's latest comments have both Jews and atheists alike questioning the Presidential candidate's views on non-Christians. In January, Ted Cruz was asked by

End Times, Pope Francis and Jail Time with Kim Davis

Kim Davis hits headlines again, in new interview on end times, Pope Francis, and jail. Controversial Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has hit the headlines


Donate Now So You Can Install Rainbow Festivus Poles In Your State Capitol Building

The Humanity Fund's LGBT campaign will put Rainbow Festivus Poles in State buildings. The last two years saw Chaz Stevens, an activist from Florida,

Jeb Bush Starts Religious Committee To Win Christian Support

Jeb Bush created the Religious Liberty Advisory Committee to protect the First Amendment. Jeb Bush, one of the Republican presidential candidates, has created a

Mormon Leader: Religion Can’t Get In The Way of Doing Your Job

Mormon Elder Oaks calls for balance in disputes of religious freedom. Tuesday was a significant day as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Westboro Pickets Kim Davis: She’s a “Fake Christian”

Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside Rowan County, Kentucky courthouse. Kim Davis has come under fire again, and this time it's the Westboro Baptist Church

The Pope and Kim Davis: What Went Down

Examining Pope Francis and his alleged visit with Kim Davis. The Pope’s visit to the United States was two weeks ago and people are