Is the Vatican Confused? Colossal Clashes on Same-Sex Marriage

Do the Vatican's views on homosexuality and same-sex marriage align with the Pope's? The actions of Pope francis speak louder than his words. The

Attorney Lied, Here’s The Truth About Kim Davis And Pope Francis

The Vatican is distancing itself from Kim Davis and clarifying what actually happened when she met Pope Francis: nothing. According to a statement released

Kim Davis Secretly Meets with Pope, Given the Cost of Discipleship Award

Kim Davis gets and award for standing strong with her religious beliefs and secretly met Pope Francis in Washington. Several groups have never ceased

Obama: “Religious Freedom Is No Excuse to Deprive Others”

President Obama made significant remarks about religious freedom at a Democratic National Committee LGBT fundraising event in New York last Sunday. Speaking at an

Never fear, the Trump is here. You want Christmas? You Got it!

If Trump is elected, he promises to fight to bring the word Christmas back into mainstream marketing campaigns to protect the interest of Christians.

Majority of Americans Support Jailing of Kim Davis, Say She Should Do Her Job or Quit

Kim Davis should be jailed and forced to issue gay marriage licenses poll says. ABC News together with the Washington Post commissioned a survey

Kim Davis Gets a Huge Surprise in Her Hometown and Still Resists Court Orders

Nonprofit organization criticizes county clerk Kim Davis' anti-gay beliefs with billboard. After spending six days in jail for disobeying court orders, Kim Davis was

Fox News Anchor Calls Kim Davis Supporters Out as Haters in Real Life

Shepard Smith accuses Kim Davis supporters of making planned disruptions that question laws, particularly when it comes to racial and gay discrimination. Mike Huckabee

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Sent to Jail on Charges of Contempt of Court

Kim Davis Jailed for Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses A federal judge ordered a county clerk in Kentucky to jail on charges of