New Head of C.I.A. Tortured Muslims and Destroyed Files

New Head of C.I.A. Tortured Muslims and Destroyed Files

President Donald Trump's nomination for director of C.I.A. is linked with a dark history Tuesday was a busy day for President Trump's national security

Pat Robertson Las Vegas Shootings

Pat Robertson Blames Las Vegas Shooting on Disrespect for President

The televangelist is a known Trump supporter Pat Robertson, put in his two bits of knowledge as to why Las Vegas massacre happened.[/tweetit] His

Trump, Obama and Christianity

Christianity and the presidency: What makes one a Christian in the eyes of the American public? The question invites consideration of Christianity and the

Hannity’s Not Through with Khizr Khan

Hannity’s Not Through with Khizr Khan

Hannity wants the Khan family investigated Donald Trump may have indicated that he wants to leave his feud with Khizr Khan behind and move

Tim Kaine to Woo “Pope Francis Catholics”

Kaine is campaigning for the support of Catholics. One of the main reasons, some would say, that Tim Kaine was asked to be the

Father of Fallen Muslim Soldier, John McCain Rebuke Trump’s Anti-Muslim Comments

Father of fallen hero Capt. Humayun Khan denounces Donald Trump's anti-Muslim comments. It was a very moving moment at the Democratic National Convention when

Philly Daily News Slams Trump as “The New Furor”

Philly tabloid comes out swinging after Trump's proposal on Muslims, declares him "The New Furor." Many newspapers, including The Philadelphia Daily News, responded hard