Pat Robertson Las Vegas Shootings

Pat Robertson Blames Las Vegas Shooting on Disrespect for President

Pat Robertson Las Vegas Shootings
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The televangelist is a known Trump supporter

Pat Robertson, put in his two bits of knowledge as to why Las Vegas massacre happened.[/tweetit] His take? The event happened as Americans now disrespect authority. They say bad things about the country's president. He also mentioned disrespect to the United States national anthem. The veterans are also getting disrespected along with the governmental institutions. According to the 87-year-old, the court system continues to be disrespected.

Pat Robertson Blames Las Vegas Shooting on Disrespect for President[/tweetthis]

Robertson said, “we have taken from the American people the vision of God, the whole idea of reward and punishment, an ultimate judge of all our actions, we’ve taken that away.” He then paraphrased Proverbs 29.18, “When there is no vision of God, the people run amok.” The televangelist made a reference to how the players of National Football League have knelt when the national anthem was playing. This was done to protest against the brutality of police towards the African Americans.

Robertson has a prior history of connecting natural disasters and public violence to public moral decline. However, the latest one takes the cake. The fact is that the televangelist describes as street violence was stoked by the public comments made by President Donald J. Trump. His words and actions have resulted in deep racial tensions. Many of the many so-called terrible things which are uttered against the Trump administration was simply a response to the provocative tweets contributing to identity politics. Such activities by the Trump administration have only poisoned the discourse.

For people sharing Robertson's views, the kneeling of NFL flowers is disrespect. To Robertson, it is a binary issue, where the disrespect for authority overshadows others. The heart of the matter is if the televangelist wants to find disrespect that scars the United States, he can just look towards the president. The 2016 presidential campaign was marked by the then-Republican presidential candidate Trump belittling Senator John McCain's time when the latter was a prisoner of war.

The matter is that these individuals have no self-reflective capabilities which bind them as part of a nation. When it comes to the justice system, it is not to be forgotten that Trump had unleashed a social media barrage attacking the federal judges. The real estate billionaire has attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel as one who is unfit to be a judge of the Trump University case as-Trump claimed- he is from Mexico. Curiel was born in Indiana.


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