Hannity’s Not Through with Khizr Khan

Hannity’s Not Through with Khizr Khan

Hannity’s Not Through with Khizr Khan
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Hannity wants the Khan family investigated

Donald Trump may have indicated that he wants to leave his feud with Khizr Khan behind and move on with his campaign, but his most ardent supporter, Fox Channel host Sean Hannity still seems to be stuck on fighting the Pakistani-American lawyer.

Hannity’s Not Through with Khizr Khan[/tweetthis]

Trump has been slammed by the Republican Party recently for the unforgivable number of mistakes he has committed in his speeches. Even as prominent Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain came down heavily on him for his remarks, a number of Republicans have declared that they will support Hillary Clinton over Trump. However, Trump's long-time supporter, Hannity has not only heaped condemnations on Khan, but also cried out against the Republicans.

Hannity says that he has had enough of Republicans slamming Trump. He believes that instead of targeting Donald Trump, the party members should spend their time and energy in smearing the Khan family against whom he claims to have found a lot of controversial facts. He believes that party should pit effort in uncovering secrets that Khan family is hiding and show the world that their words against Trump should not be taken so seriously.

Trump was recently denounced by Khizr Khan, the father of American war hero, Humayun Khan. Trump quickly retorted with insults and accusations and even went as far as saying that Khan's wife was silent during his speech because Islam did not now allow women to talk openly. These and many other comments from him quickly caused a backlash from which Trump has still not completely recovered. Critics have heavily attacked Trump for what they felt were insensitive remarks.

Hannity defended Trump by saying that no politician is perfect. He also accused Ryan and McCain of “sabotaging the campaign” and that their continued blasting of Trump proves this point without doubt. While he insisted that he did not mean to say Trump makes no mistakes, he argues that all politicians do, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He demanded to know why their comments and opinions are not criticized as severely as Trump's.

Reacting to Khan's comments, Hannity joined in with Trump in making insults towards him. Hannity believes that Khan has underlying conservative Islam tendencies and as such, by speaking out against Trump he is trying to give a rise to Islamic fundamentalism. However, his continued slurs against Khan are now reportedly annoying even Trump campaigners, who only want a quick close to the episode.


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